Erica Firpo
Travel journalist

Erica Firpo

With Rome as her backyard and Italy as her playground, Erica Firpo covers art, culture and lifestyle as BBC Travel's Rome locality, Fathom contributing editor, and Luxe Guide Rome resident editor. She travels beyond the realms of the Roman Empire, too, found all over the Mediterranean looking for street art and local life.

Top travel memory:  “A long weekend in Istanbul, perhaps the most magical city in Europe, with undulating landscapes, gorgeous colours and inky nights. Thanks to my archaeologist husband, we searched out every trace of the Roman Empire – obelisks, cisterns and every square metre of the ancient walls – and then caught up with the contemporary city, hanging out on the lesser-known Asian side, walking the side streets of Karaköy, and finally meeting and eating with every street food vendor the city has to offer.”

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