Suzanne King

United Kingdom

Suzanne King

Travel writer and editor


A former backpack traveller and Cosmopolitan and Grazia travel editor, Suzanne now covers travel for such titles as the Guardian, The Telegraph and National Geographic Traveller, as well as a regular column for Christie’s. In the name of ‘work’, she’s slept under the stars in the Namib Desert, ridden the Orient Express and spotted the elusive quetzal bird in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Top travel memory: “One travel memory that still makes me smile actually started out as a nightmare, when I arrived at a luxury Maldives resort without my case, which had jetted off somewhere completely different. Taking pity on me, the hotel gave me a different staff uniform to wear every day – I’d go back to my villa after dinner and find the next day’s clothes and flip flops laid out, ready. I’m a ditherer by nature, so to have all the what-to-wear indecision taken away was fab. When my wayward case finally turned up on the last night, I didn’t even bother opening it – just took it home again and put all the clean clothes straight back in the wardrobe.”